Altruism and nature fundamentally selfish

So what you're saying is that is has some kind of value accepted by everyone? Why did you put nope at the start of your comment and then agree with me after the nope part? I mean maybe people accept it universally because the big players accept it and use it but it is still accepted universally because the majority of people agree to pretend it is a meaningful method of storing value and work. I mean if I couldn't buy stuff at wal-mart or whatever not everywhere mind you unless I used gold wouldn't that change things.

Altruism and nature fundamentally selfish

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If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. According to mystical and spiritual traditions each human being is a multidimensional being. These energetic bodies all have their own patterns and distinct characteristics and it is up to the individual to dismantle the layers of each body in search of understanding of his or her true nature.

When these various bodies are in alignment then soul integration is made manifest. This is precisely why the soul is nowhere to be found.

We do not see the works of the soul on a grand scale, we get a few reminders or evidence of extraordinary souls who demonstrate what the spirit of man can achieve, do or be, but a few here and there will not transform a planet in desperate need of peace and healing.

A few examples of heroism will not stir the masses to emulate a higher version of itself -- it merely admires, applauds and fails to see itself mirrored back.

It does not recognize that the same greatness or heroism lies dormant within them waiting to emanate its power in the world -- but what is that greatness? Where does it come from? We question the validity of the soul or even if it exists.

The only way we'll ever know the existence of the soul is by demonstration in word and deed. When a person extends generosity, I see the soul. When a person extends compassion, I see the soul.

Is human nature fundamentally selfish or altruistic? - GirlsAskGuys

When a person extends love, I see the soul. The soul cannot be understood theoretically but must be lived and expressed in this three dimensional world. As we all know, when you challenge the ego, the ego becomes threatened and will not surrender control. However, there is always a stage in the process of spiritual development where a battle between ego and soul will ensue.

One minute, a person may be expressing the altruism of the soul, and the next minute retreat to a cynical self-centeredness. An ego-centered person only thinks of itself and its own needs -- this is as far as its capacity can reach and therefore is finite. The ego feels separate, the soul knows its connection to everything.

The ego takes, the soul creates. The ego acquires, the soul shares. The ego is obsessed with competing, the soul cooperates. The ego expresses self will, the soul expresses God's will. The ego is often aimless, consumed with latest surge of desires, gadgets, fads and the like. The soul has a clear sense of meaning and purpose.

Essentially, the soul is the observer or witness, the higher consciousness that watches the train wreck that is the ego. Unfortunately, ego demonstration is running rampant in the world today.

Altruism and nature fundamentally selfish

Self absorption, self entitlement, self importance based on material evidence such as money, power, beauty, popularity and a host of other nonsensical criteria is leading the masses to the land of privation and despair.

Have any of the egoistic pursuits produced one single happy person? When the ego is not illumined by the light of the soul, it can be very unhappy.

Altruism and nature fundamentally selfish

It is so cunning in its deception that we only see and value the material world of forms. It refutes the sublime and higher aspects of self in favor of the lower self that is always grasping for things, people and experiences. Such things are merely a substitute for the soul and in no way leads to inner fulfillment.A new study suggests that the specific alignment of neural networks in the brain dictates whether a person's altruism was motivated by selfish or altruistic behavior.

Apr 17,  · Abigail Marsh, an associate professor of psychology at Georgetown University, speaking at MoMiCon (For more information, visit Jan 14,  · Labels. Current Affairs; Art and Literature; Film and Drama; Science and Tech; History; Music. life, but it must be socially imposed on a fundamentally selfish agent.

‘‘Let us try to teach generosity and altruism,’’ he advises, ‘‘because we are born selfish.’’. Is human nature fundamentally selfish or altruistic? Update Cancel.

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ad by BetterHelp. Is human nature fundamentally selfish? What is the best way to deal with it? even educated people really don't understand that social animals have a biological altruism that is at least as strong as selfishness. In such an odd way, being altruistic is. Altruism:Itscharacteristicsandevolution (set andgroupselection/kin selection/humanevolution) P.

J. DARLINGTON,JR. ,Jr., November3, ABSTRACT Altruismis agroupphenomenoninwhichsome genes or individuals, which must be presumed to be selfish, benefit others at cost to themselves.


PORTSMOUTH POINT: Why We Are Fundamentally Selfish