Condition of women

As they belong to the weaker sex, men used to keep them under thumb. They were denied freedom.

Condition of women

They were not seen as individuals, only domestic wives who cleaned, cooked, and educated. Men had an idea of women and made them into objects of simply appearance and something to accommodate their desires.


Rights of women were taken from them when they got married. Married women could not make contracts, devise wills, be involved in any legal transactions such as divorce, or control any wages they earned.

Condition of women

Divorce was not acceptable during the beginning of the 19th century. Women did not have the right to call for a divorce, even if the marriage was unhealthy 1.


Newspaper articles such as this one advertise the domestic view that people had of women in the 19th century. Women began to want the right to divorce and the right of property, no matter their marriage status. This illustrates the cult of domesticity women were placed in. Notice the children and the books.

Women were strictly mothers, cleaners, and educators.

Condition of women

They developed their own expression that allowed them to speak up on issues and for themselves. This was very important for the road to the 19th Amendment because women began to desire their own property rights which eventually led them to fight for the right to vote 3.Condition of Women before the French Revolution: a.

Women were considered to be socially inferior to men, Most women had no access to education. In women over 30 obtained the suffrage, which the "suffragettes" had been demanding for many years (in Emmeline Pankhurst had even claimed women's"right to serve" in the armed forces.

Pregnancy, too, was a pre-existing condition that could cause an insurer to turn a woman away or price her out at a time when she urgently needed health care for her and her fetus.

Women in the 18th Century

Imagine not being able to have sex, wear jeans, or even sit for prolonged periods of time without experiencing excruciating pain. For the 16% of women who suffer from a pelvic pain condition called vulvodynia, this is their life.

(For comparison, % of women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and. Mapping the State of Women in America Explore the Data: The State of Women in America The role of women in the United States has changed dramatically over the past few decades.

“Equality between women and men is a matter of human rights and a condition for social justice and is also a necessary and fundamental prerequisite for equality, development and peace.

A transformed partnership based on equality between women and men is a condition .

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