Staying a secret essay

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Staying a secret essay

This stimulus Secrets has a lot of answers and everyone has their own definition of what a secret is. A secret could be: A guilty conscience, something personal, something emotional, can have a romantic link, can be kept for hours or even years, you have you keep it to yourself in order to either not to hurt others or make a fool of Staying a secret essay, can Staying a secret essay spread around if you tell numerous people, can be kept by close friends and family, can sometimes leave a devastating effect if told, something you keep about an admirer.

This stimulus initially got my attention; I thought it could have a lot of links and topics to go with it so I could think of anything to make a scene out of.

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Short essay on importance of punctuality to school Essay Samples My Secret Place Every person has a need to have some secrecy in their lives, once in a while. People have their secret places, where they go to when they want to stay alone for some time.

I also thought I would be doing a piece that is a bit dark but also funny that contains a bit of Brecht, Artaud and maybe other theatre practitioners. When I got down with actually discussing what subjects a secret can be made out of, I was surprised of just how much topics were named, some topics included: Fears and phobias, sexuality, addiction with drugs, alcohol or shopping.

Fetishes, childhood or the past. Surprises such as a birthday, baby or present. Affairs, fairy tales and myths and the government.

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I looked inside his book for some inspiration for some scenes in the project. I felt more creative knowing that any topic could be made a secret and turned into a scene, I enjoyed that there was a lot of choices to choose from.

We would have great ideas but then be stuck trying to extend it, ideas included: Being at a restaurant together and steal the napkins and cutlery — there was also another idea where in the restaurant one of us could have OCD. We settled on the idea of me, Katie and Connor going to a clinic and Jamina the doctor asking us to do a urine sample, the secret here is that Jamina loves the smell of urine and keeps them in her cupboard.

I believe the reasons why this scene worked was because, the scene made sense, it was weird, it was funny, we had convincing characters in the scene, it flowed and it related to the topic we chose and showed why it was a secret.

Even though in this scene my performance was short, I feel it was one of the strongest three scenes I was in. Although I feel that during the performance I had a convincing and calming tone of voice within my character, which I think is important for a operator to have and they do have. I was impressed with this scene because to have a story of an alcoholic phoning for help then moving further along when she is then recovered would be a long story to cover in an acceptable amount of time for a scene.

I think we did very well splitting it up into three scenes within the topic in a matter of five minutes. Altogether it was a really good scene and it was simple and straight forward to understand as a secret.

Staying a secret essay

We then talked about how strange it is when people are dressed a certain way but listen to completely different music to what we thought they listen to, this became our secret of the scene — song guilty pleasures.

This scene consisted of singing and dancing, both to me are a little out of my comfort zone so the group changed the story of the scene a little and my character became someone conducting a survey.

After knowing what part I was playing during this scene I then noticed that I have to be the one starting each conversation and keep the conversation interesting. I had questions for each character, at first my questions needed work but after tweaking them they sounded much better. I think I did well in this scene to keep the flow and connection going with each character I talked to, although now looking back, if I were to do this scene again or improve it I would have tried a little harder to perfect the dance I done at the end even though it was out of my comfort zone.

Once again this was a light hearted and funny scene to do, the audience understood what secret song people liked to listen to and understood that I was conducting a survey.

Altogether I would say I had done my three scenes very well, each character of all three scenes had personality and physicality in them, my projection was understandable and in my groups we all made sure that each secret was easy to understand and made sense.Staying a secret essay.


Staying a secret essay

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My Secret Place Every person has a need to have some secrecy in their lives, once in a while. People have their secret places, where they go to when they want to stay alone for some time.

Each and every one of you should get hold of a copy of “The Secret”. The book is written by author Rhonda Byrne and for the first time ever, a book with such .

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. A narrative essay is a form of academic writing that is built around a narration of a certain event or situation. It is a short form of a narrative novel.

Its main objective is to tell a story that it is both engaging and interesting to the reader. In ‘The Secret River,’ the physical and verbal separation between William Thornhill and his wife Sal creates a conflicting familial relationship.

‘The lack of communication between Thornhill & Sal, generates further division between each other as Sal ‘gave no sign that she had heard’ him spoke.

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